4 FREE Christmas embroidery patterns and templates

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I posted about my embroidered baubles a few times on social media, and as of yesterday, the kits (available here) are live too! You get everything you need for this project, including lots of tools, so I think it's quite the bargain. Plus, you can't get those decorative bauble hoops anywhere else in the world - a world exclusive, oooh la la...

Anyway, as a thank you for your support, I decided to post brief instructions and templates for each embroidered Christmas pattern here. They would look lovely on bags, tablecloths, or even masks as well as decorative baubles like these...

The embroidery is relatively simple - the snowflake and Christmas tree are quicker than the other two, but all are relatively quick to make.

I should add that I'm a lazy stitcher, so these instructions are designed with ease and speed in mind. For example, I place my split stitches strategically so that I can then simply thread my next thread through in one go and make a hexagon or a V shape without any actual stitches!

Let me know if you have any questions :) 

Happy stitching!

Christmas embroidery patterns and instructions for 4 baubles or other uses

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