BFL / Masham 4ply 5-skein Fade Set: Farmyard (100g, 250g, or 500g options)

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5 skeins of light 4ply-weight Bluefaced Leicester and Masham wool yarn in Small (5 x 20g) / Medium (5 x 50g) / Large (5 x 100g) options:

  • 50% Bluefaced Leicester, 50% Masham
  • Non-superwash
  • Grown, spun, and hand-dyed in the UK
  • 4-ply-weight (Fingering weight / Yarn category 1 – Super Fine)
  • Recommended needle size: 2 mm - 3mm (US 0 – 3)
  • Worsted spun, 2-ply yarn
  • Small set: each 20g skein contains approx. 90m per 20g (approx. 98 yds per 0.7 oz)
  • Medium set: each 50g skein contains approx. 225m per 50g (246 yds per 1.76 oz)
  • Large set: each 100g skein contains approx. 450m per 100g (approx. 492 yds per 3.5 oz)
  • All shades are undyed: "Farmyard Snow", "Farmyard Mist", "Farmyard Drizzle", "Farmyard Storm", "Farmyard Mud" (natural wool colours from white to grey to dark brown)

The perfect undyed yarn set for a faded / ombre sweater, shawl, blanket, or other project!

You can buy a small, medium or large set. If your project requires more than the largest 500g set (2250m or 2460 yds of yarn), you can purchase additional small amounts of each colour in 20g or 50g intervals – take a look at the 100g (5 x 20g) yarn palette set or the 250g (5 x 50g) fade set in the drop-down options.

Masham are hardy sheep with lustrous but slightly coarser wool, which blend beautifully with the better-known Bluefaced Leicester sheep’s wool to create this fine, soft yarn.  At a 450m per 100g meterage, it will create a lovely, light drapey fabric. You could also hold the yarn double or strand it with some botanically dyed yarns to make the colours more subtle or muted.

    Care Instructions:

    In order to minimise environmental footprint and preserve wool's natural properties, the yarn has not been superwash treated. This does mean that you will need to soak and hand-wash (avoid animated rubbing) your finished project in cold or room temperature water and gentle pH-neutral soap. 

    Any Questions?

    Please contact me if you have any questions around this product. I can also take photos of different yarns or colours next to each other if that would be helpful.

    Happy crafting! I hope your project is a success and gets lots of use!