Decorative wooden bauble hoops

Decorative wooden bauble hoops

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I designed these small, elegant bauble hoops so that I could hang my fibre projects on the Christmas tree this year. Maybe you'd like to do the same?

They are decorative bauble hoops, so not strong enough to work on during embroidery / cross-stitch / etc, but (I think) look prettier as decorations than actual embroidery hoops.

They have been designed with a gap of xxx between the outermost and middle ring, and a gap of xxx between the middle and innermost ring. This is to fit the medium-weight linen fabric that I stock and sell as part of my Christmas bauble embroidery kits.

Please note that I cannot guarantee that your fabric will fit this perfectly, and take no responsibility for fit. If your fabric is a little thicker than mine, you could try cutting a notch in the middle and/or innermost ring, or sanding them down to enlarge the gap between hoops. If your fabric is thinner, you could add a bit of pvc glue to the outside of the middle and/or innermost rings to reduce the gap between hoops.