French linen embroidery thread / warp thread

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Pure French linen embroidery thread / warp thread

  • Flax grown and spun in Northern France
  • Hand-dyed in Bristol, UK with natural dyes (botanical dyes / plant dyes)
  • Metric count 2/15 Nm (sometimes written as 15/2 Nm)
  • 750m per 100g
  • 2-ply thread, although separating the strands is not recommended

This thread is perfect for long-lasting embroidery projects on cotton, linen, or other textiles. The thread is very fine and even, making it ideal for delicate projects. This thread is similar to vintage linen embroidery threads, which are typically 2/16Nm. You can also double it up to achieve a thicker thread for parts of your embroidery project.

The thread is also ideal for warping your weaving loom. I recommend the 50m option in this case. Please contact me at for custom warp thread colours. 

16m and 50m options will come on a recycled cardboard bobbin as pictured in the first photo. 750m (100g) option will come in a hank. I strongly recommend that you wind it into a ball / cake / cone to avoid irreconcilable tangles.

For embroidery, I have included 16m of thread per skein to more closely mirror the six-stranded 8m skeins offered by well-known stranded cotton producers. However, please note that the two plies in this thread do not act like the strands of stranded cotton embroidery thread (aka floss) from well-known producers. Separating the strands of this thread is not recommended, as it results in two weaker, slightly curly threads. 

Care Instructions

Suitable for machine washing. Was only at 30 degrees Celsius using pH-neutral, bleach-free, sensitive soap. Natural dyes may wash out a little during the first few washes. Please don't be alarmed if a little colours runs off.

In case of indigo-dyed items: Although I rinse skeins thoroughly to try and reduce this as much as possible, a bit of staining (also called crocking in this case because it is caused specifically by abrasion) is part and parcel of natural indigo-dyed products.

Dry and store or display away from direct sunlight.

I hope you enjoy making with this thread! If you have any questions, please contact .