Wool yarn embroidery set - 10 colours - Christmas

Wool yarn embroidery set - 10 colours - Christmas

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If you want to try embroidering with wool, this set of 10 Christmas-inspired colours is the perfect choice. It contains 5m of each of 10 botanically dyed or undyed colours, all in 4-ply-weight (fingering weight / yarn category 1 - Super fine) yarn. The sheep breed and precise weight of yarn will vary.

This is the yarn set used in the Christmas bauble embroidery kit.

If you order more than one, each colour will come in a continuous length.

Care Instructions:

In order to minimise environmental footprint and preserve wool's natural properties, the yarn has not been superwash treated. This does mean that you will need to soak and hand-wash (avoid animated rubbing) your finished project in cold or room temperature water and gentle pH-neutral soap. 

Any Questions?

Please contact me if you have any questions around this product.

Happy crafting! I hope your project is a success and gets lots of use!